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We’ve discovered through some Googling that April is actually National Stress Awareness Month in the US. Its quite serendipitous that we’ve chosen to programme our very own De-Stress Fest at the end of April, so we’ve decided to adopt Stress Awareness Month from our fellow island and help raise awareness about the impact of stress on our daily lives.

Some facts and figures about stress

national stress awareness

Put most simply, stress is defined as the feelings people experience when the demands on them are greater than their ability to cope. Feelings of being overloaded, tense, and a sense of emotional pressure are often a result. Stress can affect everyone, regardless of age, gender, and pre-existing medical conditions. It is a completely normal bodily reaction that all humans experience from time to time when under pressure.

Anxiety UK notes the different types of stressors – “Stress can be looked at in terms of external and internal stressors. External stressors are sources of stress that we are aware of around us, these can include traumas, life experiences or simply daily hassles. Internal stressors are the sources of stress that are inside us and are often the most common sources of stress. They are the thoughts and feelings that pop into your head and cause you to feel unease, these can include unrealistic expectations, uncertainties, low self esteem and apprehensions.”

The biggest cause of stress is arguably the workplace. According to charity Stressuless, up to 1/2 million people in the UK have work related stress often resulting in illness. Even more shockingly, nearly 5 million people will respond ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ when asked how stressed they are through work. If you are feeling like you are suffering with stress, do consult your GP, as stress can impact your physical and mental well-being.

De-Stress Fest


De-Stress Fest 2016

It’s important to take care of yourself and allow the body & mind time to unwind. That’s why Peterborough Presents has organised De-Stress Fest 2016! A home-grown festival of uplifting arts and health activities, 30th April – 7th May.

De-Stress Fest features performances, arts and crafts activities, health workshops, and opportunities for the whole family to relieve tension and enjoy being human. The festival will take place at various locations across the city, including Bridge Street, Central Park, the Green Backyard, and schools in Netherton, Orton, and Parnwell. We’re especially excited about our hilarious Laughter Yoga workshop, our exciting Silent Disco party, and our soul-infusing Sufi:Zen dance performance!

Sufi:Zen by Akademi

Sufi:Zen by Akademi

To see the full programme for De-Stress Fest, click here.

About Peterborough Presents

Peterborough Presents… is part of the Creative People and Places programme, initiated and funded by Arts Council England. Creative People and Places is about more people taking the lead in choosing, creating and taking part in art experiences in the places where they live. There are 21 independent projects, each located in an area where people have traditionally had fewer opportunities to get involved with the arts.

We aim to give more people things to do in Peterborough through offering opportunities and putting on great events. That could be everything from attending local festivals, exhibitions and shows, to joining a choir or dance group. You could even put on an arts project yourself.




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