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As part of this year’s Arts Festival, Peterborough-based artist Charlotte Barlow will present an entirely unique public performance. And it’s more unusual than most.

Charlotte will perform dressed in an outfit made of hundreds of dyed corn cobs. She’ll be wandering about the city centre biting the corn off as she goes – quite literally – eating herself.  The performance is titled Incisor. It refers to those narrow-edged front teeth specifically used to cut and bite, drawing attention to the mouth and the action of biting.

At the height of the weird and the wonderful, this arts piece makes a play at the relationship between the body, food and consumerism, highlighting a number of things surrounding the areas of consumption and expulsion. Referencing processes of cutting corn from the land, highlighting the social etiquette of eating – corn cob being one of the hardest foods to eat in public, as well as corns frequent use for decorative purposes. Here, it features as an entirely hand-made outfit with only the performer’s teeth visible to see as they chomp their way through the corn cobs.

Charlotte Barlow’s work is a playful slip between sculpture and performance. She enjoys disrupting the order and value over ordinary and familiar objects – the things we do or see everyday – and to alter them into something extraordinarily noticeable.

The performance takes place in the city centre on Saturday 5th September from 12noon. Don’t miss your chance to see (and possibly have a nibble) of this rather remarkable artwork!

Special thanks have also been credited to the following companies; The Green Back Yard, SJW Wholesale and Zaramama, for their generous support towards this performance.

Find out more about Charlotte Barlow’s work via her website,

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