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Would you like to work with professional sound producers? Would you like to read out poems that will be heard by over a 1,000 people? Would you like to be a recording star?

If its a yes to any of the above then please prepare to be part of an exciting poetry project.

Keely Mills who is a former Peterborough poet laureate, is the unofficial poet in residence for all buses in Peterborough from March till May 2015. Writing poetry inspired by the journeys she takes and the people she meets, hi-lighting the routes that keep the heart of the city pumping. Keely has also been working with 6 other poets who have also created pieces of poetry based on buses.

This is where we need recording stars, all of this poetry needs to be recorded and Keely wants real voices of Peterborough to be involved.

So you don’t need to be a poet or a performer just someone who wants to try something different and want to be part of a project that will be heard by lots of people.

The recordings will become a sound installation and also a podcast that will be played in several & surprising places during the Green Festival week, some of these places will be the city market, serpentine green and also it will be played on local radio.

If you would like to get involved then please contact Keely on: or call her on: 07790 275382

Please keep these dates and times free if you want to be involved too:
April 21st from 6pm-8pm & April 23rd from 10am-12pm

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