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Each month IDEA1 invites a guest editor to choose their top five events for the month; this month was the turn of Andy Palmer, Managing Director of Cambridgeshire Deaf Association. 


About Andy

Andy is the Managing Director of the Cambridgeshire Deaf Association and founder of Peterborough United’s Deaf Football Teams. He’s from a family of deaf people and has had various roles including chairing both local and national charities and deputy editing the worlds most read deaf news and views website the Limping Chicken.


  1. Museum Of The Moon

          Peterborough Cathedral

           5th – 14th October



I’m not sure what flat-earthers say about the moon looking just like a big white ball in the sky. I think someone said that there’s a theory among flat-earthers that it’s actually a translucent disc rather than a sphere and you can see right through it. Some also say that Armstrong never walked on the moon in 1969 and that was all a big hoax too filmed in a Hollywood studio.

Most people don’t believe in conspiracy theories or translucent moons. Most people like me gaze at the moon from earth and can’t help but feel awed by its beauty. It was only last week that I was taken aback by the Harvest Moon that lit up my garden. These days the news often carries stories about the latest super moon, caused when it’s closest to earth; or the sinister blood moon during an eclipse.

There are also musical takes on the moon too with the notable magic and romance of Van Morrison’s Moondance. Not sure what that is? Ask your smart speaker.

So if you’re as mad about the moon as me, then head to Peterborough Cathedral for the Museum of the Moon exhibition from the 5th – 14th October. A giant model of the moon hangs from moodily lit ancient arches as part of a fascinating exhibition. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to get really close to your good old friend. Find out more click here.



  1. Platform 8: Rustle

         13th October, 11am The Undercroft

         13th October, 3pm St John’s Church Cathedral Square

          £5 per person or £16 for 4


Once you’ve stopped looking at the moon and shaken off the crick in your neck, allow your gaze to be drawn to the campfire and listen to one of the greatest stories ever told. Another one of my tips to see this month is Rustle.

It’s aimed at kids and all about the great outdoors. Do you notice the atmospheric sounds of the forest? How wild would your imagination be with all those chaotic moonlit tree shadows, the rustling leaves and creaking branches? there somebody there?

The great thing about this show too is the performances are with BSL interpretation. It’s the latest interpreted show as part of the awesome Platform8 festival, which has a great track record of providing accessible theatre. For more info click here.



  1. Platform 8: Ground Control

          20th October, 12pm, 2.30pm, 5pm

          Peterborough Town Hall



I suppose the ultimate combination of humankind’s fascination with fire and the moon culminates in rockets and that’s where Ground Control begins. For 7-12 year olds, Ground Control asks how space mission controllers how they’re going to go about setting up a new colony of astronauts that have arrived on planet millions of miles away. Tricky questions abound … what shall we call the new planet? And how about new laws? What should we keep and what should we ban in the new world? Like Rustle, the story is in the imagination of the audience and every new civilization created by the children is unique.

I suppose there are really only two ways to escape this planet – on a rocket or in your mind. Click here to find out more.



  1. Diwali

         27th October, 11.30 onwards

         Cathedral Square



I once saw a post on Facebook that was said to be a picture from space of India during Diwali. The entire subcontinent seemed to be awash with different coloured lights visible from hundreds of miles up. Unfortunately, I think the picture was fake but that it still holds Diwali is a spectacle for the world to enjoy and if you’re in Peterborough – you can have your fair share.

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights and celebrated every autumn when it’s darkest at night during the new moon. If you rock up to Cathedral Square on October 27th you’ll be able to appreciate the spectacle, dance, music and colour of Diwali as celebrated by Peterborough’s Hindu community. More details here.



  1. Oktoberfest

          19th October

          Peterborough Embankment



Finally, its Oktoberfest on 19th October. If you like beer and bratwurst – there’s an enormous beer tent being erected on the embankment and its going to be filled with all a man like me could ask for.. beer and sausages. £11 and by the end of the night, I might be feeling a bit spaced out too. For more info here.


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