Each month IDEA1 invites a guest editor to choose their top five events for the month; this month was the turn of Peterborough Poet Laureate, Clare Currie. 



Clare is the Poet Laureate for Peterborough, following in the footsteps of poets such as Pete Cardinal Cox, Keely Mills, Mark Grist and more recently Charley Genever.  She has written for Eastern Angles Theatre Company and Jumped Up Theatre, in collaboration with Battersea Arts.  A regular contributor to the local spoken word/poetry scene, Clare plans to take her poetry to a range of people.  She has worked in schools and is exploring poetry projects with Goldhay Arts and Aspire CGL.  Clare’s poetry has been described as image-packed and lyrical, she is currently writing on the visceral nature of embodiment as a female, sports woman and mother.



It’s February, it’s not quite Spring and I’m counting down the days until the sunshine actually feels warm. Cramming the diary full of things to look forward to is a great antidote to the dreary weather.  Here are some of my recommendations for Feb brrrrrr uary.


1)  Suffragette film showing, Sunday 4 February 2018, 11.30am, Key Theatre

It’s the centenary of the 1918 representation of the people act – the law that gave the first women the right to vote.  The year is full of commemorational events, both locally and nationally.  Later events include a women’s procession and Break the Rules – an open workshop, which examines ingrained opinions/traditions and how they affect us. Of course next month sees the marking of International Women’s Day and the Women’s Festival in Peterborough.  What better way to kick this all off than by remembering the lengths our predecessors went to to secure the vote. Suffragette is a moving, human-scale story of epic change. More info here.




2) DIY Period Pads, 10 February, 11am, Green Backyard

This is a course to help beat the dreaded tampon tax and save individuals hundreds of pounds a year.  Seamstress Cat Belllinger will run the workshop – helping members to sew their own pads and engage in a discussion on sustainable periods.  I’ve spoken to several women who were originally sceptical about this and are now entirely converted to the idea.  Definitely worth finding out more. Click here for the details. 




3) Put Yourself in the Picture: Life Imitates Art Artist Studio, Tuesday 13 February, 10am–4pm

Peterborough Presents’ young producer Hanna Hughes invites people to her pop up studio opposite McDonalds, for a unique photo-shoot experience.  Choose from a canon of art works and then be transformed by an on-site team in a bid to recreate the painting.  This sounds like loads of fun and a brilliant informative way for people to engage with art and be inspired, especially the younger generations.  I’ll definitely be taking my brood along! More info here. 
4) 1 Day with us, Saturday 17February, 1-4pm, St John’s Church

One Day With Us is the Peterborough-based celebration of migrants and their contribution to the city.  It stands as part of the national festival One Day Without Us.  St John’s Church is opening its doors to bring together the people of Peterborough. In the current climate, which often sees migrants used as scapegoats, the festival will celebrate the wealth of diversity we have on our doorsteps.  The event is free and includes a café, with international food, live music, children’s activities, community projects and of course lots of spoken word!  Bring a dish to share if you can. Find out more here.
5)  Freak Speak, Saturday 24 February, 7.15pm

Last, but definitely not least, what can I say – this is huge (even if I’m slightly biased.)  If there’s one thing you do this month, get yourself along to Freak Speak. Charley Genever, Peterborough Poet Laureate 2016 has developed a night of edgy and exciting spoken word, which now enters its second phase of Art Council funding.  The night plays host to nationally acclaimed artists and competes with the best poetry nights on the spoken-word scene.  Expect energy, innovation and plenty of party poppers. Full details here. 


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