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Fresh out of Falmouth University with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, Kat decided to take her next steps straight into the offices of PHACE and Vivacity as their intern. Having grown up in the bustle of South East London to then slowing the pace on the Cornish Coast for 3 years, Kat is no stranger to the diversity of place within England and recognises this in Peterborough… even after just 2 weeks here.


I must admit, 3 weeks ago I was scared about leaving the big city. Now, I know that bigger things are happening in Peterborough! The fear has subsided and I am excited, especially for October. The cold is creeping in but that’s all the more reason to come together and light fires. Theoretical fires. Ones that are sparked with com/passion and stoked by so many different hands that everyone will be brimming with warmth. In this respect, my top 5 events for October are extremely flammable. No caution required.

Saturday 1st October –  9am – Fun Palaces 2016 : Peterborough @ Central Library

The first day of the month brings everyone together in the name of fun, and its free! 20 local organisations and people – such as PHACE, the greenbackyard and painter Tony Nero – are all coming together under one roof for a day of workshops and performances to celebrate art and science. This family affair is a nationwide event but (due to my involvement) I’m sure Peterborough’s will be the best. Plus, there’s a Google Tilt Brush, hellloooo.
Thursday 6th – 8th October -2pm – GROUND @ Serpentine Green

Ground is a new play developed in Peterborough by Aisha Zia which focuses on the fallouts of capitalism in the form of food. Surrounding the play are workshops and debates  – chances for the local community to be involved in the process of the play. Aisha’s also been working with visual and sound artists so it promises to be an immersive event and a real eye-opener. Ticketed as pay-what-you-can means anyone can go and EVERYONE should go!
Friday 7th October – 7.30pm – Freak Speak Poetry Night @ The Radius

Deanna Rodger, Dean Atta and Adam Kammerling are some of the best poets about at the moment and I get to see them here in Peterborough?! Dreams do come true. There’s also a workshop if, like me, you want to work on your performance skills. Its alignment with Black History Month ensures that this Freak Speak looks to be one of the hottest events of the next few weeks and I personally cannot wait to get my freak on!
Friday 14th  October – 8pm – Big Sleep Out 2016 @ Ferry Meadows

This event looks set to light those fires, theoretically and literally. A chance to gain some understanding on what its like to be homeless; all you need is a sleeping bag, some cardboard and an open perspective, which is all some people have. If one night in Ferry Meadows could help raise enough money to stop someone spending every night on the street, sign me up!

Saturday 22nd October – 11am & 4.30pm -DIWALI –  Festival of Light / Circle of light @ Queensgate & Cathedral Square
Lantern making in the morning and a dazzling performance in the evening keeps this Saturday looking bright. The performance is a mixture of urban and contemporary and consists of dancing, music and light shows, I think Ganesh even makes an appearance! Set to be a spectacle, Diwali is definitely worth celebrating. I’ll be front row.

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