Each month IDEA1 invites a guest editor to choose their top five events for the month; this month was the turn of Cultural Producer, Katy Hawkins. 



I’ve now been living in Peterborough for a year! and was flattered that Ruth asked me to write this month’s idea1 Top 5 Choices for April! Thanks Ruth!

So for my top choices for April are….

My Lincoln Road Trail
28th April, 5 – 8pm,

Lincoln Road PE1 2

I’ve been project managing Collusion’s R&D challenge – Playfinding Peterborough focused on the Lincoln Road working with a great team of local creative people. It’s been a pleasure working in my fav part of the city! (Sorry Bretton you are a close second!!)
Our resultant project – My Lincoln Road a multi pronged creative community project interested in celebrating everything that is great about this part of the city and encouraging people to explore some of what the road has to offer – notably all the great food places.

We will have a showcase on 28 April where performers will animate the road and also perform in some of the businesses!

Importantly, this is an R&D project, a test, so please come along and give your feedback so we can improve on our idea… ( More info click here.



Introduction Green Woodwork
7th April, 10am – 4pm,

The Green Backyard, Oundle Road, PE2 8AT

I have signed up for this session and I think eating my morning porridge from a spoon I have carved will see my life quality soar (enough to legitimise cost) and with the other take home gift of a new skill – I look forward to making more cutlery afterwards.

Spoons for all! – More info here.



Connecting Generations Training Session

13th April, 10am – 1pm

Metal, Chauffeurs Cottage, St Peter’s Road, Peterborough

Inter- or multi-generational has become a bit of a well-meaning buzzword. This training session seems like the perfect opportunity to interrogate it and see what it actually takes to devise and produce a successful inter-generational project that works for all parties involved. Find out more here. 


What Next? Meeting

17th April, 6 – 7pm,

Vivacity Arts, City Gallery, Priestgate, PE1 1LF

I think this meeting sounds great, just what the city needs and perfectly timed where is seems like there is a lot of energy travelling in slightly different directions.

Good to check in and look for overlaps – ways of joining up the dots. Click here more more information. 



Plus if I can also add a shout out to decorum & processions!

Decorum, Magic me
18th April, 9.20 – 11.15am

Gladstone Connect, Alama Iqbal Centre, 157 Cromwell Road, Peterborough, PE1 2EL

I went to the starter session of Decorum and really enjoyed it, leaving the session with lots to think about.

I think its a worthwhile exercise to all – women and men – to think about what etiquettes were put upon you when you were young and think about, with your adult minds, which ones you are still OK with and which ones do you need to review and perhaps challenge?

We can accidentally carry around so many habits / vocabularies we developed when young – always good to go and check in on what you are still hanging on to….often unwittingly….

Find out more here. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.06.27



Every Wednesday 4th April – 16th May, 6.30 – 8.30pm

Metal, Chauffeurs Cottage, St Peter’s Road, Peterborough, PE1 1YX

Processions is being hosted by the wonderful artists Kate Genever and Katie Smith…a series of on going workshops which will see participants collectively create banners to take down to London to march on 10th June to celebrate 100 years of the female vote.

I went to my first session last week. A truly Multi-generational event. It was nice to be given an opportunity to come together with other women and take stock of how far we’ve come but also how much further there still is to go… whilst engaging in a creative activity.

What was very nice was the more expert stitchers in the room going round and helping beginners….I for one learnt what a chain stitch is and how to do it! Find out more here.


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