TOP 5 choices for November 2018

I moved to Peterborough in July 2018, and I am still trying to keep up with all the incredible events and offers the city has! I have joined the team here as the Artistic Associate of Eastern Angles, based at Chauffeurs Cottage and our theatre space The Undercroft, at Serpentine Green. So it is no surprise that my first choice of the month, is….



November sees the kickstart of our Young Writers Group, of which 10 successful applicants will now go on an 8-month writing programme, culminating in a final script in the summer. Each writer will be taken through the various approaches to playwriting, and we will examine how to develop your voice as a writer, explore different techniques and stage your work in development. You will be mentored by a series of really exciting playwrights, who are out there in the industry making work on theatre and on Tv professionally. At the end of the course each participate will have a completed play that they can add to their portfolio and use as a calling card to the industry. Applications have closed, and we hope to open them up again in the new year, check out our social media platforms for updates. Meanwhile we will be running term long writers’ groups at schools across the city. So, watch this space!

Find out about future opportunities, and performances of their debut pieces click here .


2) Milk Presents BULLISH | Friday 9th & 10th Nov, Key Theatre

This company are phenomenal! Their work is touring all over the country to acclaim. Not only is BULLISH coming to Peterborough. It is coming as part of Camden People’s Theatre COME AS YOU ARE Festival in conjunction with METAL. A pop up festival of trans, non-binary and gender queer theatre commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre. Make sure you check out the festival programme for other performances, events and workshops.

“I am a bull. I am a bull…ish. I live between worlds. Slip between myths with dexterous leaps. Do I scare you? How about now?” Meet Asterion, better known as the terrifying, blood thirsty Minotaur of Ancient Crete. Follow them through one cabaret odyssey, one strapping search for the man they might want to be. From the makers of smash hit JOAN (Off West End, Fringe First and Stage Award winner) Milk Presents bring you BULLISH. BULLISH pits ancient mythology against modern gender navigation to furiously disrupt, traverse and rewrite the rulebook. Stepping into the ring with a gender fierce ensemble of hopers and renegades, BULLISH is a story about packing, passing, and gambling your way out of the labyrinth. A new mythical play with songs, negotiating ancient and new territories in trans-masculine gender and identity. This show drops a proverbial bull into a china shop and hopes it breaks everything.

Featuring work by the UK’s most exciting theatre companies alongside a workshop, panel discussion and a scratch night from local artists, the festival will celebrate and interrogate all the world’s issues regarding female, male, between and beyond.

It’s not going to be pretty – but it might just be beautiful. More details and times here. 




If you are like me and addicted to filling your spare time on trains listening to podcasts like Jessie Wares Table Manners, Honest Actors and the hilarious Dear Joan and Jericha then listen up. Do you find yourself sitting there looking out the window dreaming up your own podcast idea….dream no more my friends because now is your chance, the almighty Ross Sutherland is hosting a masterclass on creating your own Podcast.

Interested in making a podcast? This introductory workshop will help you develop your podcast idea and give you the writing skills to get your project off the ground. Learn how to write scripts that sound like your voice, how to workshop an episode idea, and how to best use the medium to tell your stories. This workshop focuses on writing and development of Podcasts rather than recording or editing.

Ross Sutherland is the producer and writer of the Imaginary Advice podcast (winner: Best Fiction podcast; 2018 British Podcast Awards). He is also a regular contributor to Radio 4’s Short Cuts. More info here. 

Ross 2



4) WOMEN OF MILLFIELD LAUNCH NIGHT + SPECIAL SCREENING | Thursday 15th Nov, Open Door Baptist Church

Ever since I moved to Peterborough in July, I have constantly been hearing about this project, and how incredible it is. When I am not in the theatre, I am either making films or watching them. So, my fourth pick of the month is the Women of Millfield Launch Night and special screening. I cannot wait to see the work people have been making. Plus, there is a free drink if you book in advance!!!

Find out more about Cine-Sister, the film-making course and enjoy a special screening from female identifying filmmakers.


About Cine-Sister and the project:

Cine-Sister promotes and showcases films with female identifying filmmakers in a leadership role and aims to champion diverse women’s voices.

This screening is to launch the Cine-Sister in Millfield project, which is creating opportunities for Women or those who identify as a female and either live in or near Millfield. Over four weeks, participants will create their own short or documentary films, portray their experiences and stories and take part in workshops with Cine-Sister founder and film-maker, Emily Steele. Find out more details here.





5) Beauty and the Beast | Friday 30th Nov, The Undercroft

Fresh off the back of their successful tour of Peter Pan, Lamphouse Theatre Company bring you Beauty and the Beast. It opens at The Undercroft, at Serpentine Green on the 30th November. The show is inspired by the original French fairy tale, packed full of live music, comedy and energy. Lamphouse are well known for telling epic stories in intimate settings, in a playful and mischievous way. This has to be a must see! Plus, if you live in Hampton the tickets are only £5.

Young Beauty’s life is changed forever when her poor merchant father picks her a rose from the Beast’s dazzling castle garden. Beauty becomes mistress of the enchanted castle and the befriends the misunderstood Beast who lavishes her with gifts. But one day Beauty breaks her promise and leaves the castle. The Beast becomes sick with heartbreak, can Beauty save him in time?

A tale of love and adventure, this classic story examines morals, truth, friendship, bravery, fairness and forgiveness. Click here to find out more. 

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