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It will challenge children to imagine their (and our) future.What will you be? What will it be like? What do you want to do? The next generation will need to be everything; builders, firefighters, police officers, members of parliament, computer engineers, coffee shop baristas, addicts, nurses, white collar criminals, artists, consumers, regional managers, muggers, butchers, bakers, (there will be very, very few candlestick makers), internet entrepreneurs, street sweepers and landscape gardeners (this list is not exhaustive…). It will be a storytelling show about the future, about ambitions and ideas and imaginings. The project will ask kids to imagine, write and draw a future where they are in charge (and responsible) for everything.

I will be EVERYTHING takes place within community venues and schools. This will enable parents and children to experience work together in a familiar venue during the after-school hour.We ran pilot workshops in 3 schools across Peterborough in February 2013 and plan to run storytelling workshops through Autumn 2013 in the city, with the final show opening in Spring/ Summer 2014.

NIE will be doing a preview show Friday 30th at Peterborough Central Library, this preview is FREE, click here to find out more. ‘I Will Be EVERYTHING’ will be touring around Peterborough schools, they will also do a one off performance at The Key Theatre.

See a sneak preview of the show below plus an interview with two members of the cast.



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