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Henry Driver was just one of the artists who’s work was at displayed as part of The Secret Circus weekend, programmed by Emerge. Henry showed his installation ‘Odssey’ heres a short interview with the artist.

“Odyssey is an interactive installation which questions the definitions of virtual space and the illusional aspects of choice and action within this. Can an online or virtual experience constitute a journey? And how effective and unique are our actions? Using hacked and rewritten video game code, this piece presents an endless hallucinative dream of an unattainable horizon. Tasked with reaching this, the viewer interacts. Yet with every action, the dissolving horizon slips further away. The image degrading from an idyllic yet virtual horizon, into a gory digital dystopia of repeated imagery and broken code. As the viewer progresses, they will become further and more detached from the initial scene, consumed deeper into this simulated odyssey, detailing how every utopia falls into dystopia. That dreams and desires are often so hard to grasp.”

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