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Merton is proud to have made a robust bid to become London Borough of Culture in 2019. Common Ground is our ambitious, passionate programme, promising to surprise and delight residents and visitors alike. We will seize unique moments in Merton’s long history to make a lasting difference for our people.

We are seeking a Creative Producer, an extraordinary opportunity to deliver an outstanding series of events rooted in local communities and showing the world what London can do

You will take overall direction of a large programme with a strong element of community commissioning alongside larger events and festivals. On enquiry, we will share our briefing. For shortlisted candidates, we will share the whole bid in confidence.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • A strong understanding of the objectives set out in the bid, to bridge the gap in cultural participation between the different parts of the borough and build the long term opportunities for residents, practitioners, visitors, businesses and students
  • Excellent project and programme management skills, able to balance multiple projects and deadlines, and be highly organised
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills, able to work with stakeholders, partners and practitioners across a wide range of channels, arrangements and issues, including resolving differences and managing potential disagreements
  • A good understanding of the cultural context, having worked with cultural and community organisations, creative practitioners and funders to deliver large scale programmes
  • The capacity to lead a team of project managers, partners and others
  • Understanding of the accountability of the programme and the mechanisms needed to demonstrate that accountability

We need to see

  • A CV showing your experience in similar activities (4 pages)
  • A personal statement (3 pages) setting out your understanding of the London Borough of Culture programme, the Common Ground programme and how you will meet its objectives
  • A statement setting out your preferred contractual arrangements

The Mayor of London has indicated he will make this award in mid-February 2019. We will not confirm this appointment until we know that Merton has won. If and when we do, we would like the preferred candidate to start as soon as possible.


Download the full information pack and find out more details here. 

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