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Wet Sounds was an underwater sound art installation and performance – a deep listening experience created by artist Joel Cahen, which visited Peterborough Lido on Sunday 28th August 2016. Having toured swimming pools across the UK and beyond, Wet Sounds presented a holistic soundscape to a floating and diving audience in the water.















The poolside entertainment was collaboratively curated by Peterborough Presents and Emerge interns Emily Bowers, Samuel Beagley and Rufus Corfield. The full programme featured:

GOOGLE TILT BRUSH: HTC VIVE EXPERIENCE - Cutting edge virtual reality where you can paint in 3D space. The room is your canvas, the possibilities are endless.

PAINT BY NUMBERS: BECKY PESKETT - A huge, interactive, watery paint by numbers with a performance twist.

AQUAZORBS - Channel your inner hamster with these fun, inflatable balls and roll around on the water’s surface.

POETRY AT THE LIDO: KEELY MILLS - Chill out and hear beautiful words inspired by the pool, the people, and Peterborough from the Lido’s Poet in Residence, Keely Mills.

FUTURE FLOODLANDS – Performances of short, evocative theatre pieces commissioned for PECT’s Green Festival 2016.

ACOUSTIC RESONANCE: RUFUS AND SKILLY SKILLZ - Ground-breaking, experimental visual art created by soundwaves using metal plates.

YORKSHIRE LIFE AQUATIC: DRYLAND SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING -Have you ever imagined what synchronised swimming looks like on dryland? These hilarious, active workshops and performances will get you floating with laughter.


In the lead up to Wet Sounds, Joel worked with three groups of musicians, artists, and young adults to create the soundscapes for the Lido to be played underwater during the event. You can listen to the soundscapes created at each workshop here.

Here is a small compilation of footage taken by Leah Barfield. The underwater camera gives a glimpse to what it sounded like underneath the water.

Here is a small compilation of footage from the Peterborough Presents Wet Sounds event. The underwater camera gives a glimpse to what it sounded like underneath the water.

Location: Peterborough Lido
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Posted by Leah Barfield on Friday, September 2, 2016


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