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Cambridgeshire Libraries are part of an Eastern Region-wide Arts Council funded project aiming to support young people’s (ages 10-18) participation in digital arts through reading for pleasure.

We will be receiving funding to run two digital arts workshops in libraries over the summer, so are looking to commission artists to offer these workshops.


Background overview of the project:


ImagiNation is a collaboration between 10 library services in the Eastern Region to nurture artistic development of young people through creative reactions to literature. 10-18 year olds will be able to create artistic reactions to literature using digital resources.


In the summer months 2018 young people will read texts and create artistic responses and/or a piece of digital work and upload their work to a shared blog.


Young people will also be given the opportunity to work with professional artists, at artist-led digital workshops in libraries, undertaking creative work in response to literature.


Details for Artist-led Digital Workshops:


We are committed to delivering two digital art workshops in libraries, elements to be confirmed, so will commission a local artist(s) to run these.


Budget for artistic spending will be £200 per session (£400 for two sessions).

Prep time and equipment/resources for both workshops together up to a maximum of £250

Travel costs will also be covered at 45p per mile.


We envisage these being in two different libraries, it could be a repetition of the same workshop for a different group of young people, or two different workshops (which would enable young people to attend both if they wanted to).

Workshops need to be stand-alone so that participants can attend either one.



During the summer holidays (25 July – 4 Sept).


Group size: for at least 10 young people, but could go up to a maximum of 20 depending on feasibility


Content and format to be decided upon discussion between library staff and the artist(s). We are open to any format which meets the criteria of being digital art.


Equipment – if any bespoke equipment or software is needed, we would expect the artist to provide this for the day, as libraries have limited resources of this type.



Email Louise Aldridge Community Participation Office, Library Development Team Louise.aldridge@cambridgeshire.gov.uk by 4th May. Please provide a simple paragraph description of what you would hope to do in the workshop incl. equipment you would be able to provide plus a simple CV.

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