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We are seeking proposals for the impossible ‘Museum of Contemporary Farming’ that explore the reality of farming today. What would you include?

If selected, this is a £100 commission (plus expenses) for you to take part and to make a ten minute presentation of your idea at a discussion event at The Museum of English Rural Life, Reading on Thursday 26 April 5:30 – 7:30pm.

To apply, please tweet your ideas by 28th February 2018 with the hashtag #MuseumContemporaryFarming and send us a message on twitter to @MofCFarming with a link to your website and travel costs. An accompanying image is encouraged. If you are not on twitter, please email your idea (and optional accompanying image) to georginabarney@gmail.com in a sentence of up to 280 characters, and include a link to your website (or a CV) and your travel costs.

Proposals may be too conceptual, expensive or ordinary to be acquired by a “real” museum: previous submissions to our Museum have included precision tractor technology, sticks and string and the mobile phone.

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