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Park Tales was a free family festival weekend of interactive and magical arts installations and performances surrounding Peterborough’s sculpture collection which took place on 20th – 21st August 2016.

As part of Park Tales, Peterborough Presents and Vivacity commissioned five high-profile artists to create some striking new artworks to temporarily become part of the sculpture collection at Thorpe Meadows. The five commissioned artists were:

Scottee: Any Excuse #AnyExcusePB

For Park Tales, Scottee was jointly inspired by ‘People’ by Tolleck Winner, and how regular users of the park are often solitary, there with a task in mind; to walk the dog, to get home, to have a cigarette break.

At Any Excuse, Scottee curated an intimate experience for groups of friends to spend dawn or dusk together in a wood fired hot tub. He offered free champagne, some sweet things, and a beautiful backdrop to his guests. In doing so, he invited the groups to celebrate the family they have chosen to share this moment with. To watch a video of Any Excuse, click here.


credit – Any Excuse film, Scottee


Lyndall Phelps: Adopt A Sculpture

For Park Tales, Lyndall created two interlinked works which explored the relationship between Peterborough’s sculptures and their natural environment. On visiting the park, she was struck by the rich diversity of flora and fauna, and how people relate to the Thorpe Meadows in different ways.

Lyndall’s first work was a series of 24 floating sculptures; adorned with glass swans. These referenced the composition of Thorpe Meadows’ sculptures and the elegant Mute Swan, which are regularly seen in the park.

Lyndall’s second work, her Adopt a Sculpture stall, aimed to encourage visitors to look afresh at the sculptures, by inviting people to take ownership of them. Her stall was present across the festival weekend and saw close to 100 pledges.


credit – Hannah Saunders


credit – Hannah Saunders


Jamie Gledhill: Portals for Mortals

For Park Tales, Jamie staged a temporary take-over of ‘Untitled’ by Miles Davies, which imagined each doorway of the sculpture as a portal. The result was a playful and celebratory interactive art work in which up to four people at a time were invited to simply walk through the sculpture. In doing so, they were be rewarded by one of several musical fanfares especially devised in collaboration with Peterborough musicians.


credit – Hannah Saunders


Kevin Green, Store CIC: PLANE. PLINTH. OBJECT.

For Park Tales, STORE Schools and Projects ran a series of design and making workshops with Peterborough communities. The workshops were split into three stages; PLANE; the surface on which the sculpture will be placed, PLINTH; the mass that elevates the object, and OBJECT; the sculpture itself.

The members of the workshops worked with Kevin and his team to design and build a new sculpture for Thorpe Meadows. In doing so, the new sculpture reflected the vibrant and diverse cultural backgrounds that make up Peterborough today.


credit – Richard Davies


Rich White: Engine of Growth

For Park Tales, Rich explored the public’s relationship with the sculpture collection by placing one of the most popular sculptures, Odd Oaks by renowned artist Nicholas Pope, under ‘threat’. The installation – a kind of sculptural polling booth, offered the option to Repair, Recycle, or Remove Pope’s sculpture. In doing so, Rich invited the public to pass judgement on all of the sculptures in the collection and imagine if they were all really under threat.


credit – Hannah Saunders

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