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I lead a dance group – Pig Dyke Molly – which has taken traditional Fenland traditions and re-invented them for modern audiences: see www.pigdyke.co.uk

We have been very fortunate in having two talented young musicians play for us: Katherine 17 and Kai 15.  They play melodeon (button accordion) and saxophone.  Unfortunately both face major exams this coming summer: A level and GCSE.  We therefore have no musicians for the period from March till the end of June (and Katherine is likely to be away at university from September).

I am therefore contacting all likely sources of musicians to see if any know of people who might be interested in playing for us.  Any instrument considered (though guitar and ukulele may not be ideal, we have in the past used violin: we have amplification if needed); brass or other wind would be ideal.  The repertoire at present is largely written by a previous musician but both Katherine and Kia have written tunes we use, and we are open to agreeing a different repertoire.  We would be pleased to consider any players, but realistically we probably at this stage need confident players.

We are a voluntary group so this is not a paid position, but offers interesting challenges and a friendly and innovating group.  We meet in central Peterborough on a Monday between 8.15 and 10pm.

If you happen to know anyone for whom this may be an interesting opportunity please share this with them and I will be happy to talk to them.


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