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On Wednesday 24th November the Peterborough Poet Laureate final was held at Metal Peterborough (Chauffeurs Cottage). After a small hiatus of the Peterborough Poet Laureate it came back with a bang truly showing that the poetry scene is bubbling, exciting things are happening and developing in the city. Peterborough Poets Utd have taken over the management of this very important cultural role, having this title can change a poet’s career and the laureate is an ambassador for the arts at many events. Therefore Poets Utd wanted to enable others to have this role and to continue the work that over 14 other laureates have already achieved. Plus they get an amazing trophy!

A number of entries were made, poets were asked to submit a poem on the theme of journeys, plus a page on what they plan to do if they won the Poet Laureate role. The shortlisted were then invited to perform their poem at the final where the judges then selected the winner – Charley Genever.


Here’s Charley speaking about winning the prestigious prize of Peterborough Poet Laureate and talking about the bubbling poetry scene currently happening in Peterborough and what she plans to do this year whilst in post.

Congratulation Charley!




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