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On Tuesday 10th June Metal had the pleasure of hosting Ross Surtherland Pre- Edinburgh Fringe show, a scratch performance to test ideas and practical running of the show.

Ross Sutherland was born in Edinburgh but now lives in Peterborough. He is a Time Out award winner with poetry collective Aisle16 and former Times Literary Star of the Year. His work has been featured on BBC2’s Newsnight Review and BBC Radio 1, 3 and 4.

The inspiration for Standby for Tape Backup is a videotape recorded by his Grandfather that Ross found in his loft two years ago. “On it is one and a half films, one quiz show and two sit-coms. Somehow it became the story of my life” he said.

Using nothing but found-footage from one of the old videotapes, Ross Sutherland attempts to draw out his entire life story, weaving together old TV shows to create a brand-new audio-visual poem.

See pictures of his performance below.




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