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In August 2016, Peterborough Presents hosted three experimental sound recording workshops with underwater sound artist Joel Cahen. The purpose of the workshops were to create three soundscapes to be played underwater at Wet Sounds at Peterborough Lido on 28/08/16.

You can see what it was like to experience such surreal sounds underwater by watching this film (credit – Leah Barfield):

A small compilation of footage from the Peterborough Presents Wet Sounds event which took place on the 28th. The underwater camera gives a glimpse to what it sounded like underneath the water.

Location: Peterborough Lido
– leah xo –
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Posted by Leah Barfield on Friday, September 2, 2016


Here are the audios from each workshop:

‘Sozzled in a pink underwater world’


‘The Sinister Balloon’


‘Zombie hoard in Peterborough’


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