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Volunteering for school/college/university students and adults 
If you have an interest in sales, dealing with the public, or working in the creative industry and would like to consider a well structured volunteering opportunity, contact us today on or 07910 118148 .
You might be unemployed, a full time parent wanting to get back into work, a student looking for an interesting voluntary idea for a youth award or a university student on holiday or gap year or you may be retired but want to maintain a working commitment. You may also have a serious intention to get your life back on track. We would like to hear from you.
We have vacancies for our guided volunteer/work experience programme: 
We prefer that volunteers offer a weekly commitment either one half or full day on the same day every week. We give volunteers good working conditions, and a well structured training programme. We encourage initiative, accountability and team work. We have an active Facebook closed group, the Art in the Heart Community where you can openly chat about your experience.
A volunteer here can learn skills and gain knowledge up to a high standard. We provide a training manual which the volunteer can work through with the support of our Training Manager Michelle Farrugia who has a wealth of experience training large teams. We also give specialist sales training with a guided pack, particularly geared towards our product including higher end art sales. This is led and supported by our CEO Dawn Birch-James who has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Our training programmes give focus to volunteering but also provide an evidence portfolio to take to future educational and work placements. The experience is an excellent addition to a CV and spring board to paid work. A volunteer at Art in the Heart has fun in a very focussed and target driven environment.
Please contact Michelle Farrugia at or Dawn Birch-James at stating why you would like to volunteer at Art in the Heart along with a CV, Personal Statement or Resume. We would prefer also a character reference from a previous employer, trainer or educational establishment.
Work Experience placements for schools
We are on the Skills Service schools’ data base for Work Experience and have already received students for their one or two week work placements. If you would like to come here, and we are not on the school database, you can do a self placement. Please contact us if you are interested. Our gallery is becoming very popular so you may be disappointed if you don’t apply in good time. Please contact Michelle Farrugia (Manager) at


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