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Art, music, dance, health, food, reflexology.

About 14 artists with more than 70 paintings and photographs on the walls. Latino music, Russian singer, Live painting, fantastic food and more.

Featuring Martin Stephen, Karen Thomas, Wojciech Nowacki, Kieran Steels, Joanna Kurkowska, Tatiana Karlinska, Jaroslaw Jacek Sokol, Leszek Lacki, Stan Tarsa, Moises W Sanchez, Latino Sound, Lee Cheers, Carla Lopez.

ReSpace wants to use the wasted resources of our society to support change – Makers and those who do social good. Our aim is to promote the re-use of wasted space to create a network of sustainable social projects that channel these resources to those that need them most – without cost to them.





Past Event

Art Out

Sat 2 February 2019


Ends: Sat 2 February 9:00PM

The New England Project


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