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Thursday 11th January 6pm

Metal, Chauffeurs Cottage, St Peters Road, Peterborough, PE1 1YX

Artist in residence Kate Genever will be holding a free artist talk as part of the exhibition ‘Everybody knows but their fingers are crossed’,

Kate’s talk will focus around the title of the exhibition and the question

‘Everyone knows but their fingers are crossed:

We all know big things are happening – environmentally, economically, politically, socially…but what do you do to cope?’

Kate is trying to make work about big things, big issues, but sometimes they are too big and overwhelm her, so instead she has been focusing on the small acts, the quiet improvisations made by communities that reveal coping mechanisms and acts of resistance. The exhibition and drawing installation aims to share some of Kate’s findings at the beginning of her residency.


Exhibition: 9th – 20th Jan 2018, Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Artist Talk: Open to all, Thursday 11th January at 6pm. Book your free place by clicking here. 


A Time and Space Residency


Past Event

Artist Talk: Kate Genever

Thu 11 January 2018


Ends: Thu 11 January

Metal, Chaufferurs Cottage



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