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A relaxed evening of eating curry and chat, and chaat. Drop by to help make the meal from 6pm if you like (not by any means obligatory), or we hope to sit and eat by 8pm! Bring a friend, or come on your own.

Byron might also talk about happiness, male friendships and his show, Live Until You Die which comes to The Brewery Tap on Tues 20 March.

FREE. Cash bar. Donations to Mental Health Foundation welcome. Please do book a place on the eventbrite link above – so we know how many to cater for.

Further Info:

Experiencing poor mental health sucks. It sucks for the person living with it. It sucks for those close to them. Accessing help can be hard. Living on meds or having therapy can be weird and stressful. Talking about this stuff can feel awkward or embarrassing especially when not everybody gets it.

Byron Vincent is a writer, performer and activist with a diagnosis of bipolar and PTSD. He has been in the mental health system for over 30 years is an ambassador for several mental health charities and has made theatre shows and documentaries on the subject for the BBC. Though Byron has his own ideas about what means to live with a diagnosis and the state of the system that cares for us, what he’s really interested in are your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Matt Hickey From The Mental Health Foundation says:

” We know from a survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation a year ago involving over 2,500 people who had experienced mental health problems that men are far less likely than women to seek professional support for their mental health. The survey showed that 28% of men had not sought medical help for their mental health problem and only a quarter of men had told a friend or family member what they had been going through. It also showed us that more than a third had waited up to two years or chose never to get help”

Curry and Chaat is an opportunity to share your views around mental health. We want to encourage informal chat over free food between people that understand or want to understand the issues we face around mental health. Hopefully in sharing our experiences we might even come up with some solutions.



Past Event

Curry & Chaat hosted by Byron Vincent

Mon 19 March 2018


Ends: Mon 19 March

Metal Chauffeurs Cottage



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