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Feeling the post Christmas blues? Fear Not! Drama on Tap is on it’s way to brighten up your January and get your 2018 off to a great start …

So ditch those new years resolutions to slim that waistline, and resolve instead to treat yourself this year with the great entertainment and talent that’s available right on your doorstep … so say to yourself ‘I will enjoy loads of great local entertainment this year’ .. and then get started by coming to the Brewery Tap on the 17th January. Doors open at 8pm, performances start at 8:30.


This night is for you if you are intersted in performing, or just enjoying some good quality entertainment, and it’s absolutely free! We’ll be in the Brewery Tao function room on the 17th January.

The mic is open to anyone that wants to cone and perform a piece. Pieces can be monologues? dialogues/ sketches or short excerpts from plays. Anyone that wants to perform can come along on the night either with a piece prepared or feel free to dip into the selection of monologue and sketch books that will be on hand to perhaps do something off the cuff. Performances start at 8.30pm. If you wish to perform please arrive between 8 and 8.30pm so we can put the set list together. A rough guide for timing of performances in 10 minute – to give everyone a chance to perform.

If you want to see things like this happening more often, then please come and support us! For more information please contact us at dramaontap@hotmail.co.uk


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Drama on Tap

Wed 17 January 2018


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The Brewery Tap



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