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When: Sat 12th August, 2pm (performance). To take out a share, see the opening times of the Clutter Bank
Where: Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough PE1 1XS
Who: Eric MacLennan
What: Workshop & Performance

Inspired by the results of a recent United Nations climate summit, which highlighted the fact that many of us have been carrying out small environmental actions, with little hope that it makes a difference. International Energy Agency figures show that ‘billions of collective small actions add up to something massive.’

So if we all do our bit, small things can be the difference. Drop In The Ocean seeks to harness the ‘collective effort’ idea and then celebrate it.

Come and join a workshop to discuss what pledge you could make to help the earth become more sustainable, in order to preserve and protect our planet. You will be held to keep your pledge and get given a certificate, your ‘Earth Share’, as proof.

Drop into the Clutter Bank to take out your Earth Share which is floated through the Peterborough Stuff Exchange. These shares are not sold, but given to people. Once you have a share in the earth – you have responsibility to it. Earth Shares aim to encourage people to come together to do something practical for our environment.

The second part of the event is a procession in the Cathedral which will act as a movement for change in Peterborough and will show the impact that can be made from lots of small actions collaborating together to make one big movement for change. This is a celebratory performance that features participant shareholders performing with two local choirs.

To book your place please follow the link to Eventbrite:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drop-in-the-ocean-tickets-35239173316


Past Event

Drop in The Ocean

Sat 12 August 2017


Ends: Sat 12 August

Cathedral Square



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