Exhibition: The Resurrection of Cosmicman

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The Resurrection of Cosmicman by James and Dina Johnson Perkins

1st July – 13th August 2017

Playful and quirky, James Johnson Perkins’ interactive work captures the excitement of childhood. With retro games such as Etch-a-sketch and Twister, the exhibition invites the audience to play, breaking down the usual conforms of the gallery space. The exhibition also features James’ highly detailed gigapans; colossal in size these works adopt familiar images of characters taken from film and media, placed frantically on backgrounds of grand cityscapes.

Russian artist Dina Johnson-Perkins’ Cosmicman photographs show a classic 80’s Soviet spaceman toy shown in different places around the world, also exploring similar themes surrounding nostalgia and fun. In this exhibition a little cosmonauts friend is resurrected in various poignant locations in: Nepal, Cambodia, China, UK and Russia.


Past Event

Exhibition: The Resurrection of Cosmicman

Sat 1 July 2017


Ends: Sun 13 August 5:00PM

City Gallery



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