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For years, Peterborough has had the reputation of being just ‘a new town,’ with businesses arriving in the 70s and 80s, stimulating the growth of the area.

While there is certainly plenty of growth in Peterborough, the idea that Peterborough is either ‘new’ or ‘just a town’ could not be further from the truth.



  • Town?
    • Peterborough is one of the United Kingdom’s many proud Cathedral cities, comparable in size to Norwich, Exeter and Canterbury.
  • New?
    • Peterborough Cathedral itself celebrates its 900 birthday this year. Before even then, people have lived in the area that is now called Peterborough for over 3,000 years.

Now, thanks to National Lottery Players and the Weston Loan Program with Artfund, National treasures from institutions across the country (including the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum) are being displayed together for the first time ever at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery.

Each of the treasures on display has either been found in or has a very strong link to Peterborough, such as the Water Newton Treasure found at Durobrivae (Ancient Roman Peterborough) and the Casket of St Thomas Becket which was commissioned by Abbot Benedict of Peterborough in 1177.

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Past Event

Exhibition: Treasures

Sat 25 August 2018


Ends: Sun 6 January 5:00PM

Peterborough Museum



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