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I would like to invite You for a next screening:

08.08.2014 at 19.30


Production year: 2013
Director: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel
Screenplay: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel
Country: USA
Genre: Documentary | Biography | Mystery
Runtime: 83 min

The story is almost too good to be true.

\”Finding Vivian Maier\” is a fascinating documentary about one of the greatest self-taught, street photographerof the 20th century who was entirely unknown before 2007. Over five decades she produced a body of work that some have compared to the photography of Cartier-Bresson, Lisette Model, Robert Frank, André Kertesz, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Walker Evans, Gary Winogrand, Richard Avedon, and Weegee.

The story begins when John Maloof, an estate agent with an interest in photography, bought a box of negativesat a Chicago auction house. It held between 30,000 and 40,000 frames, shot from the 1950s through the 1970s, by a woman named Vivian Maier. The photographs were not useful for his project, but a new world opened and a star was born.

John Maloof and co-director Charlie Siskel, in the absorbing documentary, uncover the layers, allowing the audience to see Maier’s creative universe, how she functioned, what she made. Maloof has dedicated himself to reassembling as much of her work as he can, and since he bought that initial lot at auction, he has amassed almost 150,000 negatives, proving that Maier was an astonishingly productive, driven artist.

Who is Vivian Maier? Born in New York in 1926, worked as a nanny and housekeeper at various homes around the Chicago area. She was described by her employers and children who knew her as a strange, difficult woman who cared about kids, but valued her privacy so much that she demanded door locks to keep others out of her room. She started taking photos in 1949, with a Brownie. Three years later she acquired a Rolleiflex and really started bearing down on her vision, shooting everywhere she went, mainly on the street, but also in stores, at the beach, on ferry boats, in her room, of kids, herself, and never stopped making photographs until her death in 2009.  


Maier was a real-life figure, describing herself as a “mystery woman” and as “sort of a spy”. 

Tea and coffee and popcorn will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Free of charge but…a small donation will be appreciated to cover the costs.

Free car park.

Venue: The Beehive Community Centre, St. Martins Street, Millfield, Peterborough, PE1 3BD


Contact: Agnieszka Sobieraj

Tel. 07707604245



Past Event


Fri 8 August 2014


Ends: Fri 8 August 10:30PM

The Beehive Community Centre, St. Martins Street, Millfield, Peterborough,




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