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Bands The Apostates from London. STRONG support in the shape of dynamite hardcore superstars Menshevik and also local punk legends Dont DON’T LOOK DOWN. Line up completed by Bandit The Panther who could easily slide in anywhere in this line up and are not to be missed.

The Apostates

The Apostates are a melodic punk rock band from London. December 2012 saw them release their debut album “Wide-Eyed & Determined” (produced at Middle Farm Studios by James Bragg and Pete Miles) through their own record label, Wolves Of Suburbia.

Difficult to pigeonhole, the band’s sound melds a range of influences leading to widely different associations: “Make Do And Mend and The Menzingers creep in a little against the main backdrop of British Punk and Rock, and there’s a presence of folk-driven input that will please fans of bands like Apologies, I Have None and Frank Turner as well” – Punktastic. “Part No Idea records, part Pixies and part NME friendly layers of melody-filled harmonies.” – Room 13


Formed in the summer of 2012 from an idea between Rob & Steve, Meshevik are made up of members of Capdown, Vanilla Pod, Whizzwood & Mustard City Rockers.


Bandit The Panda

Bandit The Panther are a DIY lo-fi punk group based in London. They write folk, punk and reggae infused tunes about London, being in a band, and having no money (due to both). Bandit has toured the UK several times and have supported acts like Apologies, I Have None, 7 Years Bad Luck and Ghost Mice. Their latest album ‘I Have This Town’ is out on Aaahh! Real Records now.



Past Event

Gig – Mama Liz’s

Sat 1 February 2014


Ends: Sat 1 February

Mama Liz's



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