Grand Reopening of Chime Creation Centre

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Well we’ve done it! With a little help from our friends of course…

12 months ago we took a risk and decided to take on the lease of an empty shell of a warehouse next door to the existing Chime (Unit A1). The vision: To mould and shape Chime into what it has always meant to be:.. a fit for purpose Community Centre in the heart of our fair city of Peterborough.

The Task At Hand:
Our small crew of musicians and volunteers were ready to GO, however, with not much in the way of capital we firstly had to apply for some funding! In March 2017 we were successful in 2 bids with Santander and Perkins engines, this enabled us to get moving.

The new complex had to be designed and thought out really carefully because we are dealing with room acoustics here. We wanted to take what we had learned from building Chime version 1.0 and go further than before with design, accessibility and functionality.

‘Phase 1’ saw us punching huge holes between the 2 units creating doorways and windows, and a lot of dust. We then had to rip out the old structure in unit and completely soundproof the partition between the two units.

‘Phase 2’ saw us laying foundations and building a new office, vocal/recording booth and performance stage from scratch, also soundproofing.

‘Phase 3’ was laying flooring (which took ages!), building a stage, and putting paint, lots and lots of paint on the walls..

We were very fortunate enough to receive several more donations from; Persimmon Homes, Wilko, The Jesse Palmer Fund, Peterborough Learning Disability Partnership, ASDA & Comic Relief through Cambridgeshire Community Foundation. Without they’re support we would not have got this far and would most likely still be building and painting until next 2020.

We are really excited about the new centre and we’d absolutely LOVE for you to come and see it!

We are having a GRAND REOPENING on SATURDAY MARCH 17th from 12 – 6PM.

There’ll be free roam music technology demo’s, Makey Makey, a live participatory music workshop, LIVE music performances from some of the folk that use the centre, lyric writing, open jam session and even a sing song around the old Joanna.

We hope you can make it folks, STAY SONIC!
The Beat This Crew


Past Event

Grand Reopening of Chime Creation Centre

Sat 17 March 2018


Ends: Sat 17 March 6:00PM

27 Norfolk Street



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