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  • In which pub could you go to watch a cock fight?
  • What was ‘Fen Ale’?
  • Which pub had a stuffed bear on display and why?

Take a trip down memory lane with our costumed guide and discover the answer to these questions as well as many more of the fascinating stories behind many of Peterborough’s pubs.

Travel back to Victorian Peterborough and find out about the hundred and more drinking establishments that covered the city centre. Hear about some of the bizarre brews and beers, such as ‘Fen Ale’ which used to be served in local pubs, and the breweries which made them.

Learn more about some of the characters and landlords who frequented and inhabited our hostelries. Uncover some of the dark deeds, entertainments and other strange tales connected with our local pubs.

A must for anyone who likes pubs or just simply a good evening’s entertainment!

The tour starts from outside Peterborough Museum. Tickets can be bought from the tour guide on the day or pre-booked from Peterborough Museum (01733 864663) or from the Visitor Information Centre (01733 452336).


Past Event

Inns & Taverns Tour

Thu 6 March 2014


Ends: Thu 6 March

Peterborough Museum

PE14 1LF


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