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– For Away From Mountains meet at Chauffeurs Cottage 10 minutes before the scheduled performance start time. Latecomers will not be permitted. The performance will begin promptly at 8pm.

-There will be someone to guide you on the site when you arrive.

-Part of the event will be held outside. Please ensure you’re wearing comfortable and warm clothes and footwear.

We kindly ask you not to take photos during the performance and to have mobile phones switched to silent.

The ticket price includes light refreshments after the performance.


Kerry Devine will be showcasing her debut album ‘Away From Mountains’ as part of an immersive audio and visual art installation inspired by the landscape and people of the Fens.

Through photography, film, sound and art the project focusses on the female legacy of the Fens, from the dark past of witch hunts that took place in isolated communities, to the role of women in agriculture and those pushing for change in a conservative rural area.

A team of artists have collaborated to explore how the Fenland landscape was transformed after it was drained for agriculture. The installation is the culmination of numerous conversations with women about the area’s heritage and their experiences today.

Artists include photographers Kat Cashman, Sue Shields and Hampton Court gold-medal winning Jeni Cairns alongside Dutch water colourist Lovisa Axellie and soundscape artist Leslie Deere.


Past Event

Kerry Devine – Away From Mountains

Sat 19 May 2018


Ends: Sat 19 May

Metal, Chaufferurs Cottage



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