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For this year’s Key Feste Vivacity Arts are teaming up with Vivacity Sports to create a weekend of performing arts and participatory sports! The event will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September with activities and performances on the River Embankment surrounding the Key Theatre, inside the Key Theatre and at the Lido.

Expect to see outdoor theatre, circus and music, take part in graffiti art workshops, step into the world of Virtual Reality, try out some new sports, mix some tracks with Xidus Pain and other local DJ’s, hit the ramp with your deck or skates or watch Castillo’s team tear up the Embankment!

Vivacity is a member of the Without Walls Associate Touring Network, a group of 10 festivals working together to extend reach and benefits of the existing Without Walls programme in areas where there is low engagement with the arts, bringing high quality outdoor work to diverse audiences across England. For more information on the work of Without Walls ATN, please visit:



NOMADIS two nomads meet with instant recognition. Falling into the force of a vortex that brings them here, shaping the ‘Now’. Merging the bodies in curves and falling into the pulse of the encounter. An animalistic crossing where instinct is the only thing left.

Nomadis by Humanhood

Of Man and Beast by Company Chameleon

Of Man and Beast is a dynamic new outdoor work, choreographed by Co-Artistic Director Anthony Missen for Company Chameleon. A powerful, sensitive and revealing look at male group dynamics, Of Man and Beast uncovers the many faces of man – strength, camaraderie, vulnerability and hostility.
5 exceptional male performers showcase the company’s inventive and unique physical style.
Of Man and Beast will be performed in Cathedral Square on 30th August as part of Prefeste.
Project Vee

Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and awe-inspiring moments. Aluminium, concrete and motors mix in an unlikely way; Project_Vee takes juggling in a different dimension. Literally.

Project_Vee mixes technique inspired by legendary soviet era circus with a contemporary approach to outdoor performance.

Project Vee by Circus Geeks X Pangottic

Vessel by Acrojou

A storm in a tea cup, the cloud that we all carry, a boat-sized piece of one man’s inner ocean…

All at Sea is a theatrical installation set in a boat, which rows gently through the tides of the world around us. In limbo between life and death, a lone boatman traverses a vast ocean of memories and past hopes, accompanied by his own personal storm.

In a time of social unrest, rising seas and escapes made in unworthy vessels, Vessel is about the value of ‘now’, and whether it is ever possible to leave knowing you did enough. An emotive tale to inspire and uplift, Vessel looks through the lens of death at how to best make use of the phenomenon we call life. How to remember to remember what matters, as we navigate our fast and overwhelmingly complex lives.


Urban Astronaut provides a glimpse of a future that might be… where problems surrounding air pollution have grown to crisis point, is there any way back? What can the Urban Astronaut learn from audiences now that might change his future?
Combining stunning design, unseen before aerial performance with simple story telling and moving dance performance, Urban Astronaut travels through towns and cities searching for a solution to the environmental disaster that is present in our near future. The answer is found in a simple encounter with a young girl who provides the one thing the astronaut has lost… hope
Urban Astronaut by Highly Sprung

Culinary Duel by Etta Ermini

Based upon the familiar format of TV cookery shows Culinary Duel combines dance, theatre and one characterful robotic cooker set to create havoc. Recreating the family TV experience and animating its absurdity with physical humour, athletic dance, acrobatics and audience participation, members of the public are encouraged to stir and sprinkle ingredients, engage in egg cracking competitions, learn a simple dance with cooking gestures and help the chefs catch their disobedient kitchen appliance.



Two players enter the labyrinth of a virtual world and compete for the ultimate prize: happiness. TheFirst Person to complete the game and find happiness is the winner! It’s that easy. All they need to do is follow the voice of the unseen Guide and they’ll be just fine. But in our harsh world of winners and losers, is the Guide aiding their journey, or relishing in their demise?

First Person by Zest Theatre

H.O.H by Far From the Norm

Football crazy? Football mad? Make sure to catch H.O.H, the interactive, immersive dance piece that is centred on the nation’s favourite sport. Using hip-hop theatre and contemporary movement, it comically forces the audience to look at the nation’s beloved game from a different perspective, tackling everyday socio-political issues at the same time. It’s definately Far From The Norm…

Cupid helps the world to fall in love. Now he has fallen in love himself, only to discover his powers have deserted him. Will he be able to recover them?

He enlists the help of a magical Campervan of Love and a host of surprising characters. Together they set out on a chaotic road trip that takes them to the heart of what’s in our hearts. A funny, musical, dancing adventure for all the family.

Campervan of Love by New Art Club

Artwork: Process Smith

Graffiti Tent 

Release your creativity with our graffiti workshops. Under the guidance of artists Process Smith and Nyces learn how to make your mark with a spray can using stencils and freehand designs. Express your individuality and create your own wearable t-shirt with Mik Richardson.

To find out more about the artists, follow these links…

Process Smith:



Pick up your board or skates and hit the ramp on the River Embankment. For Key Feste weekend there will be a temporary ramp set next to the River. Anyone with their own board or skates is able to have a go and show off their talents in the air or if you’re more of a spectator than a skater, stick around and watch some of Castillo’s team showcasing their skills!

Please note, skaters will only be allowed on the ramps if they wear helmets and must bring their own boards.

Castillo are an independent skateboard company home grown in Peterborough. They manufacture and sell professional skateboards and skateboarding apparel and sponsor four local skaters from the Peterborough area.

Castillo also run video and music production workshops for local projects and will be offering video editing tutorials for aspiring videographers and skaters over the course of the weekend at Key Feste.

To find out more about what they do, check out their website:



Local musicians will be showcasing their talents in the Key Theatre cafe in the hope of winning top prize. Who wins will be down to the audience, who will vote for their favourite performer.

Hebden School of Dance


Hebden School of Dance will be performing a selection of Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics dance while Danzfusion will perform a selection of Street Dance, Acrobatics and Mash Up. Between performances from each dance school there will be an opportunity for children to join in and have a go themselves.

Martial Arts 

Clifton Findley, former World Kickboxer, will be coming down to Key Feste with some of his students who’ll be providing demonstrations and workshops for people of all ages. The weekend will also feature Hampton Shotokan Karate who’ll be running taster sessions.

Peterborough Lido

The Lido will be open all weekend for the last time this season. Entry will be free and there’s also be some exciting acts performing in there during the festival, so why not come and have a dip.



Mik Richardson:

Children’s Area

There’s lots to do for youngsters in the children’s area, find out who can build the biggest sand castle in our large scale sandpit, make your own astronaut helmet like Urban Astronaut, plait a friendship bracelet for someone you care about or yourself, colour in fun things with our colouring-in station, plus there’s be exciting games to join in with the family such as giant Snakes and Ladders and Kerplunk.

Wacky Races

On your marks, get set, GO! Choose your mode of transport, a space hopper, a trike, bucket stilts, and race against your friends and family in Key Feste’s Wacky Races.

Xidus Pain & DJ Shure Fire

Xidus Pain & DJ Shure Fire will be scratching and mixing tracks for skaters to ride to down by the ramp. In between sets there’ll be a chance for the public to have a go.

Xidus Pain an award winning Rap Artist and Music Practitioner. A regular Freestyler on BBC Radio, his music has been played all over the world and has been featured on BBC 6 Music, UCB, Itch FM, BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra. He has performed at various festivals around the country and venues such as the Junction (Cambridge), The 02 Academy (London), Scala (London), Peterborough East of England Showground, Alexandra Palace at the world famous Warped tour & many other venues.

DJ Shure Fire is a Music Producer / DJ / Turntablist with over 15 years’ experience He specialises in playing Neo soul, R&B, Grime, UKG, Hip-hop & many other genres of music. He has also had his Cuts played on BBC radio and many other stations.



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