Mr Darcy Loses the Plot

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Tickets for this performance are £15 Full Price, £12 Concessions (inc fees)

Jane Austen sits writing, her quill scurrying across the vellum.  She is dreaming up Darcy – a proud, lip curling, handsome creation in very tight pants.  But then a door squeaks, a visitor approaches and Jane must abandon her work.  Now left to his own devices, Darcy embroiders his own storyline whilst his creator stitches her quilt.  When Jane returns she finds the plot has moved on and Darcy is dancing to a different tune.

LipService explore the world of women writers, squeezing in their writing amongst the domestic hustle and bustle of taking tea, choosing chintz and the odd attack of the vapours..

Award-winning comedy duo LipService, makers of Withering Looks and Inspector Norse celebrate Jane Austen’s life 200 years on.

Featuring quilt work specially created by community groups for this production. To get involved

“Swimmingly brilliant & egg-layingly funny!” – audience feedback (Dianne Kearns)

“This merry romp will be as much fun to the novice as it is to the bookworm..  On leaving the venue, you feel one hundred times more invigorated than when you went in, with the chuckle-muscles positively aching at the glorious lunacy that Ms Fox and Ms Ryding punt into the auditorium”  Yorkshire Post

“The Laurel and Hardy of literary deconstruction” The Guardian



Past Event

Mr Darcy Loses the Plot

Wed 22 November 2017


Ends: Wed 22 November

Key Theatre


£15 Full Price, £12 Concessions

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