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Jump into your DeLoreans and get her up to 88mph because this year we are going back… and this time it going to be a party!

Kick off the New Year 80s style as we strap on our proton packs, BIG up our hair and clamber under our desks waiting for the cold war to go NUCLEAR!

Featuring an 80s inspired cocktail menu that would make Tom Cruise jealous as well as our beers, ciders & spirits, we are taking the bar back to see what life would be like for The Stoneworks if this were still the 1980s and we would love for you to join us…but act fast as we can only guarantee a limited number of spaces.

Welcome to the party pal, tickets on sale now for £15pp, with 2 drinks rolled into the ticket price.

So throw on your jordache, pad up them shoulders and slap on your spandex for a night that will make even Frankie forget about relaxing!


Past Event

NYE: This time its the 80s

Mon 31 December 2018


Ends: Mon 31 December

The Stoneworks



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