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New this year, these family friendly tours will be led by ‘Old Scarlett the Tudor gravedigger’, dressed in costume.

‘Old Scarlett’ was the gravedigger in Peterborough during the 1500’s. He was a remarkable man who lived to be 98 years old – a very great age in those days. His claim to fame was not only his age, but that during his lifetime he had buried three queens – Katharine of Aragon, Mary Queen of Scots, and last of all his own wife, Margaret.

He was buried inside the Cathedral in 1594, a rare honour for an ordinary citizen. Above his grave is a wall painting of him and poem which describes him as having ‘a scarbabe mighty voice with visage grim’. Our costumed tour guide is trying to live up to that description (it’s difficult – he is not really scary at all)!

The tours, which will each last around 45-60 minutes, will take place on:

Saturday 27th January 2018

At 10.00am, 11.00am and 1.00pm   


£4 adults, £3 children, £12 family. Children will be given a free copy of the Monks, Mischief & Marauders activity book.

Book online here or call Peterborough Information Centre on 01733 452336.

* Please note that a very limited supply of tickets may be available on the door for cash only sales. Booking in advance is strongly recommended.

This event is part of the Katharine of Aragon Festival 2018


Past Event

Old Scarlett Tours

Sat 27 January 2018


Ends: Sat 27 January 1:00PM

Peterborough Cathedral


£4 adults, £3 children, £12 family

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