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We all want something to believe in. It’s 1987 and Frankie Vah gorges on love, radical politics, and dirty indie stardom. But can he keep it all down?

In Frankie Vah, Luke Wright’s raw and visceral style is perfectly matched to the frustrations and constrictions of Thatcherism and is underscored by 80’s indie music and archive film footage, will capture the rejection of the status quo which led to New Labour, and is still felt today.

Following the multi-award-winning What I Learned From Johnny Bevan, Luke Wright’s second verse play deals with love, loss, and belief, against a backdrop of skuzzy indie venues and 80s politics. Expect frenetic guitars, visceral verse, and a Morrissey-sized measure of heartache.

Written and performed in deft verse by this Fringe First & Stage Award for Acting Excellence winner.


Past Event

Platform 8: Frankie Vah

Wed 17 October 2018


Ends: Wed 17 October

The Key Theatre


£11 Full Price, £7 Under 25's

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