The Fens landscape watercolour workshop with Iryna Haslam

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Watercolour workshop with demonstration of the Fens landscape scene. The demonstration followed by the individual work with support if required.

Time: Sat 2 March 9:30am -1pm

Address: The Thistle drive community centre,Thistle drive, Peterborough, PE2 8HU

Fee: £20

Materials are not included.
List of materials required:

-pure cotton cold pressed watercolour paper size 24×32 cm 300g/m2 (suggested Moulin de Roy 300 g/m2 Cold pressed, Grain fin),

-watercolour paint in pans any brand(suggested White nights basic 12 colour set Product code: SPWPS12)

-palette plastic N 22 or N23 or similar Jackson art

-brushes of different sizes (suggested Escoda perla N10, Mop da Vinci MIX-B or Casaneo sizes 2, 4, Pro arte goat hake brush size small or similar

-drawing board MDF size min 31×41 cm

-wooden or MDF brick size 22cm x 8.5cm x 1.5cm(under drawing board)

-plastic water container

-pencil HB

– puffy rubber SAA or Jackson art

-paper for sketching min A4

-masking tape SAA MT25 25mm or similar

-paper kitchen towels, soft tissue

-small hairdryer

All the materials can be found on SAA, Jackson art or Amazon web sites. The suggested materials are for guidelines only, participants can use their own set of materials if preferred.

Limited amount of materials can be requested in advance for additional £7 fee

Parking is available free of charge

Hot drinks will be offered

Only limited amount of spaces available, booking is essential please private message here


Past Event

The Fens landscape watercolour workshop with Iryna Haslam

Sat 2 March 2019


Ends: Sat 2 March

Thistle Drive



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