There is no wealth but life

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There is No Wealth But Life
When: Thurs 3rd, 1.30pm-4pm (young people aged 8 – 18) & Fri 4th August,  10.30am-1pm (16+) Drop in event
Where: WestRaven Community Café
Who: The Poly-Technic
What: Workshops & Projections
What does it mean to be a responsible citizen? What does it mean to be an activist? What does it mean to be a social sculpture? What does it mean to feel powerless?

Everyday some people wake up and ask themselves these questions, fill the car up with 200 million year-old sunlight and drive to work. People are faced with a dark dread, a growing feeling of alienation, a fear of failing a fear of being afraid.

We quote John Ruskin, because his simple statement points to the fact that we need to revalue what is important, whether it is our individual life or the life of the whole planet. Thinkers like Ruskin encouraged people to explore the beauty of nature and humanity, faced with large-scale industrialisation and the mechanisation of people and production.

Poly-Technic invite participants to develop and design a protest poster relating to a personal concern. The posters will be displayed or as part of a large-scale projection.


Past Event

There is no wealth but life

Fri 4 August 2017


Ends: Fri 4 August 1:30PM

Westraven community Cafe



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