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We Are The Lions Mr Manager!. A play by Townsend Theatre Productions.

We Are The Lions, Mr. Manager!’ is the remarkable story of Jayaben Desai the inspirational leader of the 1976-78 Grunwick Film Processing Factory Strike.

She was recently amongst the women who have had the biggest impact on women’s lives over the past 70 years as part of the Radio 4 Women’s Hour Power List.She brought the issue of workplace exploitation and racism to the fore, challenged the perception of Asian women being inherently passive and docile, whilst having the measure of the most brutish and charmless of her managers, telling them:

“What you are running here is not a factory, it is a zoo. But in a zoo there are many types of animals. Some are monkeys who dance on your fingertips, others are lions who can bite your head off. We are the lions, Mr. Manager!”

She not only stood up for workers’ rights and against oppression with selfless dedication, but with her steadfast resolve, she turned the dispute into a national movement for human rights and dignity inspiring future generations.

Neil Gore (writer) said: “In our work we aim to focus on the lives and contributions of inspirational and vital figures from our social history, often forgotten, who campaigned vigorously to improve the quality of life for everyone. Jayaben Desai is one such figure. She tirelessly fought on behalf of immigrant workers against exploitative employment practice; fearlessly faced all the elements of establishment authority; alerted many in the trade union movement to the issues of vulnerability of immigrant workers; and highlighted the fight to maintain basic trade union rights. Her resolve and courage should be remembered and celebrated. Also, Grunwick raised many wide-ranging questions about trade unionism, rights in the workplace and dignity at work – themes that still resonate and are relevant today.”

Medhavi Patel (actress) said: “I am so excited to be playing Jayaben Desai in this important play about the Grunwick Strike. I am a distant relative of Jayaben’s, and although I didn’t know her personally her story is one that inspires me as a woman from a Gujarati background.

“I think there are so many hidden role models within Indian culture. There are so many amazing women and men in our communities doing some amazing things but you don’t hear about them.

“Jayaben’s story is one that deserves to be told again and again, and I am honoured to be playing her.


5/5 ‘Magnificent Play’ (Peter Frost) Front Page of the Morning Star

★★★★ ‘Spellbinding and Mesmerising, theatre at it’s best’ Love Shrewsbury

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We Are The Lions Mr Manager!

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