PECT Green Festival 2016  – Featured Artist 

Seven artists have been commissioned to transform Peterborough city centre into a showcase for environmental art at this year’s PECT Green Festival, which returns with a Launch Day on Saturday 13th August and Fringe Events through till 21st August.

From a three-metre long papier-mâché stag beetle to an origami boat-walking trail, the artworks promise to spark debate about sustainable living and encourage residents to take positive action for the local and global environment.

Organised by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), the Festival brings together community groups, charities and businesses in an annual celebration of ‘green’ initiatives in the city. The Festival aims to encourage local people to live sustainably and develop long-term behaviour change, by exploring themes such as sustainable transport, recycling, local and sustainable food and biodiversity.

For the second year running PECT have commissioned artists to support and create new artwork specifically for the festival. They will exhibit their works and run interactive activities at the 2016 event.

In lead up to the Peterborough Green Festival Idea1 will release an interview with each of the 7 artists. A chance to get a taster of what to expect at this years Green Fest and get to know the artists. Introducing the second Green Festival artist, Jacqui Jones.


Artist: Jacqui Jones

Art Work: High Water Mark 

Funded by Travelchoice to explore sustainable transport issues, multi-media artist Jacqui Jones will install a series of origami-style boats along the River Nene to highlight the impact that rising sea levels would have on the region. The installations will also form a trail to be followed on foot, bike or boat. Jacqui explains: “Having art in galleries is wonderful but I also strongly believe there is an argument for placing art in a situation where the general public can interact with it… I aim to produce work that informs, inspires and instigates creative discussions.”



Could you describe your art practice?

When I create an artwork I always believe the concept has to come first, the materials and method I choose are dependant and relevant to the idea.  I aim to make striking artworks that make the familiar unfamiliar and encourage you the see the world from a new perspective.

The themes I explore are usually connected to the environment, local heritage or health & well-being. I feel that art to be interesting should have many layers of meaning not just the obvious. I work in ways that are playful but powerful,  often focusing on installation, sculpture and photography.  At some point during each year I try to make a piece that is interactive,  asking the viewer to take part in some way.


What will you be creating as part of your Green Festival Commission? 

The piece I’m creating for the Green Festival is called HIGH WATER MARK and will highlight the impact of climate change and the potential flooding that future sea level rises may have on the region. I will be placing origami boats (made from recycled or corn starch plastic) in locations either side of the river. All are placed higher than current water levels. The Key Theatre, Charters Restaurant , the Sea Cadets and the city river footbridge are all confirmed locations but we hope to add more in the run up to the Festival.


How can the public get involved with your artwork? 

There will be trail maps available in Peterborough Tourist Information, which the public can follow and see how many boats they can spot. I’ll also be creating an art installation outside the Cathedral on Saturday August 13th. Here people can fold their own boat and add them to a large display. They’ll also be able to find out about positive steps they can take to reduce the effects of climate change.


What is your art piece about? How does it tie in with the themes of Green Festival? 

If the polar ice cap continues to melt at current rate it’s likely that there will be considerable flooding in the East Anglia and the Peterborough region. HIGH WATER MARK highlights this issue. The artworks will form a trail alongside the river that the public can follow on foot, bike or boat raising awareness of the walking and cycle routes that are available in this beautiful part of the city.


Are there any specific ways that you would like the public to interact with your piece? 

I hope that adults and children will get a trail map form Tourist Information and enjoy discovering the boats by the side of the river but I equally hope that some people will just come across them and that the work will stimulate some dialogue about the issues.


The Green Festival is getting bigger and better each year, with the integration of artists in last year only being an added element, how would you like to see The Green Festival progress? 

It would be great to see more free outdoor arts events that inform and engage the public.


Do you think it is important that art is integrated into The Green Festival and what benefit do you think it has?

The artwork presented in this year’s Green Festival embraces many disciplines but universally crosses cultural barriers, stimulates the imagination, inspires and informs.


When and where can we see your piece at Green Festival? 

The Origami Boat Trail HIGH WATER MARK will be on display either side of the River Nene in the city centre for the week of the Green Festival from August 13th – 21st 2016.

Find out more about Jacqui through her social media or websites.

FACEBOOK – Jacqui Jones Visual Artist


TWITTER – @JacquiJonesArt

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