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Head to Peterborough Museum between 20 August – 22 September 2013 to see the results of an innovative project between the museum and Peterborough Prison. The Stretch Story Box exhibition will be held in the community gallery at Squire’s Coffee House.

The project has been facilitated by Stretch, a national charity that works with the offending community in creative ways to help them re-engage with society. Stretch is unique in its use of museums and museum objects during the creative process. For this project, prisoners have taken part in Digital Story Telling workshops, inspired by museum objects and their own personal experiences.

“I was lucky enough to see a lot of the work taking place, which I found quite emotional, not only for the participants but for anyone who is privileged enough to see the end product,” says Wayne Peters, Head of Learning and Skills at the prison. “The project is very powerful and gives a real insight into how things can take a sharp turn in life if given the wrong circumstances. The project allowed learners to express themselves and reflect on their lives.”

A digital story is a film around two minutes long that is created in a workshop environment. Prisoners work on a script, then play games to get the ideas flowing and share emotional memories. The script is recorded and pictures taken. The process is very personal, giving the stories their unique and authentic voice, and the content is totally lead by the participant.

Through the process the participants learn about digital media and improve their literacy and communication skills. The most important changes are the confidence and the capability to see a task through to the end, to try something new and possibly step out of their comfort zone.

Carlotta Allum, the Stretch Director, is astonished at the success and the power of the stories, an ex-offender herself she is a firm believer in the power of the arts to transform lives and that museums, culture and community links have an important part to play in rehabilitation.

Admission is FREE (except on special event days).

Click here to watch more video from the Stretch Story box exhibition.


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Stretch Story Box

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