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Peterborough is a young city. 35% of people who call this city their home are aged under 25. We think that 35% deserve to be represented in the arts and culture in Peterborough.

That’s why we put together our Emerge Young Producers Programme – we want to create activities that are relevant and appealing to people aged under 25, and support you in getting involved in creating great art for Peterborough.

Applications for the Emerge Young Producers Programme are currently closed, to find out when we’ll be up and running again, and to keep up to date with other events relevant for young people, subscribe to our newsletter.


Watch this video of Charley explaining the programme, or you can read an interview with former Emerge Young Producer, Emily Bowers, on our blog.:

What does Emerge do?

The Emerge programme provides funding and support for emerging creative producers, aged 16-25.

What is a creative producer?

A creative producer is someone who makes things happen. They organise events, start new projects, find funding and provide opportunities for people to take part in the arts.

The Emerge programme is designed to equip participants with the skills, contacts and funds  that they need to deliver their own creative project and contribute to Peterborough’s growing creative sector.

We’re open to all kinds of arts forms; music, film, visual art, literature, theatre…. The only criteria is that your project must provide opportunities for others to take part.

So you could:

  • Create an interactive art installation
  • Work with a community organisation to run new arts activities
  • Launch a regular event night
  • Commission artists to work with you in delivering your project

You don’t need to have every detail worked out when you apply, just the beginning of a good idea that we can help you shape into something great.

Who can apply?

To apply for the programme you must:

  • Be aged between 16-25
  • Live in the Greater Peterborough area
  • Be interested in the arts
  • Have, at the very least, the beginning of an idea for a creative project
  • Be confident
  • Be organised

Application is by CV and cover letter. Your cover letter should include the following points:

  • An outline of the project you would like to deliver (this can be very basic, we don’t need all the detail just yet)
  • The kind of training and support you think you might need
  • What you hope to do after completing the training programme


Leah Barfield photography

Leah Barfield photography

Previous events include:

  • The Secret Circus

Over two days in February 2015, Emerge took over the Key Theatre for a weekend of workshops, performances and installations. The final programme included local artist Charlotte Barlow’s walking Phalanges, live music from local performers, award-winning theatre from 20 Stories High and workshops with leading companies such as Zoo Nation and Frantic Assembly. Emerge members curated the installations, commissioned the workshops and created their very own late night Freakshow.

  • Emerge stage at the Peterborough Presents Music Takeover

In April 2015, Peterborough’s music makers took over the city centre for a unique day of performances. Emerge members had their own stage in H&M showcasing the city’s up and coming singers and songwriters. The stage was programme, promoted and sound engineered by Emerge members.

  • Wonderland

In October 2015, Emerge took over the Solstice for a Sunday of poetry, music, dance, food, and madness. The event ran from 2pm-11pm, and was loosely themed around the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. Wonderland featured some literal homages to Alice – yep, you guessed it, there was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – as well as more subtle interpretations of the novel’s themes.

  • Wash Your Dirty Linen in Public

‘Wash Your Dirty Linen in Public‘ (Feb 2016) at City Gallery, Peterborough, was Peterborough’s first ever live art exhibition. It featured socially engaged live performances from Peterborough based artists and Emerge interns Gaganpreet Gill Kaur, Charlotte Barlow, and Penelope Harrall. The durational performances saw the three artists in the gallery for up to six hours a day, deconstructing ideas of what it means to be a modern, domestic woman. The artists worked with everyday objects, and City Gallery became a fluid, interchanging space of chutney, tampons, and washing powder.

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