Call out for performers, storytellers, musicians, poets and social activists!

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Call out for performers, storytellers, musicians, poets and social activists!
Three Acres And A Cow, A History Of Land Rights And Protest In Folk Song And Story
Telling the history of land and food in Britain is always a multi-stranded narrative. On one side we have the history of enclosure, privatisation and the dispossession of land based communities; on the other we have the vibrant histories of struggle and resistance that emerged when people rose up and confronted the loss of their lands, cultures and ways of life.
These multiple histories go largely undocumented in the literature of the times, often expressed simply as a hanging here and an uprising there, yet in the music and stories of the people they take on a different life.
‘Three Acres And A Cow’ connects The Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with the 80′s road protests and Occupy via the enclosures and Highland Clearances, bringing a compelling narrative to the radical people’s history of Britain through folk songs, stories and poems.
Part TED talk, part history lecture, part folk club sing-a-long, part poetry slam, part storytelling session…
We need you for the Peterboro’ team!
This summer we are undertaking an action research project to distil the essence of the show into an open-source creative-commons performers’ kit, so anyone can take ownership of the show, localise and perform it anywhere.
The kit will be developed and tested in Peterborough with 6 artists/poets/singers/storytellers/actors local to the area plus a musician, storyteller, guest director and local historian during a four day lab 19th-22nd June. This will culminate in a scratch performance on the last evening and be followed a month later by a rehearsal and performance during the Peterborough Festival.
To apply to be part of the show, please send to Keely Mills a small selection of your work, it could be a youtube video, webpage that links to your work, an example of written work, a sound file and even a CV. The deadline for this is 5pm on the 15th of May 2014 Please send them with a short covering email/ letter to
After a short selection process and if your successful, you will be invited in to auditions which will be on 19th of May at Metal Peterborough, Chauffeurs Cottage from 5pm-8.30pm and last for 20 minutes each, please prepare a song/story/poem or anything else you think relates to the theme (no longer than 10 minutes please) and come prepared to chew the cud about radical people’s history and its relevance to our communities.

You will receive £80 per day for the four days of the workshop plus the same again for a days rehearsal and performance fee
More information on the show can be found at
Please send all applications and queries to Keely Mills via – You can call her on 07790 275382 if you have any questions too.

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