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Once a month, Agnieszka Sobieraj puts on a Film Night called ‘Frame’ at the Beehive Community Centre. She has been running this small independent film night since January 2012, and its a complete hidden gem in Peterborough! The films are screened once a month, usually on a Friday, after every screening you are welcome to stay and discuss, share your views on the films shown, make new friends and enjoy a pleasant evening.

Most recently  Agnieszka showed a series of short films across 2 hours featuring short films such as ‘KIWI’ by Doni Permedi, previous nights have included films such as ‘Kumare’, ‘Shell’ and ‘Nic Osobistego (Nothing Personal)’. It a great opportunity to watch films that aren’t shown at Peterborough’s local cinema and to meet new people.

The group is very welcoming, and free to bring your own drinks and snacks, the whole night is free of charge but.. a small donation would be appreciated to cover the costs of the evening. (The heating gets switched of at 8pm so make sure you wrap up warm or grab a blanket to bring with you!). If you have any recommendation I am sure Agnieszka would be happy to consider them for the next film night, you can contact here at the email below.

Join their Facebook group here to get more detailed information and to find out when the next film night is on!

Venue: The Beehive Community Centre St. Martins Street, Millfield, Peterborough, PE1 3BD
Contact: Agnieszka Sobieraj
Tel. 07707604245


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