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Paper Rhino Re: Imagine Peterborough

Dear Diary,

We have had the best trip ever. We got to see Paper Rhinos brilliant artwork. We got to answer some questions on a chalk board! We saw Amanda Rigby whose name is on one of our tables in our studio. We thought some of the paintings would fit in our school. You could see paintings on the side of   T.K. Max, our favourite painting over at Metal Arts was the ‘Up’ balloons (thousands of balloons lifting a building!) Our reaction to the exhibition were phenomenal, amazed, extraordinary and blissful because you could see how many amazing paintings there were.  We also were shocked to see how many people there are.

Paper Rhino are specialists in typography, videography, design and illustrations. They encourage young artists to create artwork. Paper Rhino an organization that creates wall art and run workshops imagining art in public places there were lots of  inspirational views from viewers they run workshops in Peterborough. Paper Rhino are extraordinary people who go out up to high levels to create artwork for the public to see. They have done a phenomenal job just to help the environment with more and more artwork. Artwork is the number one priority for Paper Rhino. They will never back down until they have their artwork shown in lots of spaces.

Their wall art is judged by the public that the public absolutely love. They have done artwork all over Peterborough. You can discover what they have done to Peterborough and how they have made it a better place to live in. If you have the chance to stop and look at their artwork, you should because you will look at something that makes Peterborough shine out.


From The Arts Ambassadors at West Town Primary Academy

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