Will Varley + Flash Back Photograph + Curtis Doyle + Rue Devel

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On Sunday 2nd March The Met Lounge put on an acoustic session. Artists included, Flashback Photograph, Curtis Doyle, Rue Devel, and Will Varley.  The next acoustic session  see’s Luke Concannon, Jimmy Davies, Ben Callanan and Albion.

Will Varley

Will Varley is a 26 year old folksinger/ poet/ storyteller and novelist from London. He has been a stalwart of the Acoustic/Folk scene since his early teens, playing literally hundreds of gigs in England and Ireland and supporting some huge names along the way. After growing tired of London in 2010 Varley moved to Deal, Kent and there along with a number of musicians helped to set up Smugglers Records.

Varley’s live performances have become more and more anarchic over the years. Audience interaction, surreal improvised comedy between songs and chaotic stunts like playing two songs at the same time are now more often than not included in his shows, though he will just as quickly deliver a melancholic and heartbreaking ballad or a fiery protest song as he will a shaggy dog story or an amusing talking blues.


Flashback Photograph

Flashback Photograph are a four-piece folk rock group based in Peterborough. The band is Gary Lee Ward (vocals/guitar), Scott Robert Brown (bass guitar/ukulele), Adam Mansfield (drums/percussion) and Matt Worthington (ukulele/harmonica/banjo/bass guitar) with Iain Clark as one of the founding members of the band and Drummer from 2010 until summer 2013.

Flashback Photograph are regulars on the Cambridgeshire music scene, playing at all kinds of venues and live on-air sessions for local radio show. The band have recently started recording their first EP which is due for release later in 2013.


Rue Devel


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