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When: Fri 4th-Mon 7th August, 12noon-5pm.
Where: Unit 22, Westgate Arcade, Peterborough PE1 1PY
Who: Emily Tracy
What: Interactive exhibition

Do you sometimes wonder why you have so many possessions and why it’s hard to give them up? This project is calling for the people of Peterborough to let us in on how much stuff they own and to reflect on what these objects mean to them.

If we all cleared the clutter from our lives, could this have an impact on the environment? We are asking for people of Peterborough to reflect on the objects in their lives and take part in assembling a strange new shop.

Clutter Bank will be filled with small rejected objects. We are inviting local people to drop by and take our gigantic, friendly and non-scientific questionnaire to confront the truth of our clutter. Choose one of our pre collected objects or bring in a small item to add to the collection. Add your thoughts, feelings and stories and have a cup of tea!

“We all have a relationship with objects and an understanding of curating, valuing, arranging, systemizing, rejecting, articulating and reasoning why certain objects are important to us. It is these very familiar activities which this project will re-frame within issues around climate change.”

See the full programme for Planet B here. 


Past Event

Clutter Bank

Fri 4 August 2017


Ends: Mon 7 August 5:00PM

Unit 22, Westgate Arcade, Peterborough PE1 1PY



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