Elgar and the Great War

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In 1914 Elgar was at the height of his powers with a burgeoning international reputation. The First World War shattered his world, as it did for the whole of society. Dejected by a war against the nation which had first recognised his genius, he nonetheless produced some patriotic pieces to aid morale, as well as to help Belgian and Polish charities. He also produced some of his most deeply felt masterpieces. But it wasn’t all sombre gloom – some of his best and most attractive light music comes from these years. Post 1918 was a different age and the composer felt out of tune with this new era. This course will explore Elgar’s music from these years, and one session will be devoted to music from other composers affected by these turbulent times.


Past Event

Elgar and the Great War

Thu 27 March 2014


Ends: Thu 27 March 4:30PM

Burghley House



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