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Dear All!

 Everyone is welcome to the FILM CLUB “FRAME”!!!

28.03.2014 at 19.30


Production year: 2006
Director: Mike Judge
Screenplay: Mike Judge, Etan Cohen
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Science-fiction, Fantasy
Runtime: 84 mins
Polish subtitles

“Idiocracy” is the second feature film directorial appearance of “Beevis and Butthead” creator Mike Judge. The point of focus here is American culture, explicitly manifest in an imagined future where cultural regression has created an entire society of impossibly stupid beings, mental slaves to corporation greed, product slogans, and mindless mainstream entertainment.

In “Idiocracy” the main character, Joe Bowers, an ordinary Army man is picked as guinea pig in a government experiment. Along with a prostitute Rita, he\’s supposed to be cryogenically frozen for one year to test a hibernation program. Forgotten for 500 years, they awake to an America resembling an “American Gladiators” set, with exploded population and eroded intelligence. They are the smartest people on the planet and must save the nation or face death.

Modern science fiction usually portrays the future world as a shiny utopia of science and advanced learning. Either that, or it\’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by science gone amok or man\’s own arrogance. ”Idiocracy” takes a look at where the world\’s headed right now and says forget it. None of that\’s going to happen, we\’re just going to get really stupid.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks.                                                                 Tea and coffee will be provided.

Free of charge but…a small donation will be appreciated to cover the costs.
Free car park.

Contact: Agnieszka Sobieraj
Tel. 07707604245

Venue:The Beehive Community Centre, St. Martins Street, Millfield, Peterborough, PE1 3BD


Past Event


Fri 28 March 2014


Ends: Fri 28 March 10:00PM

The Beehive Community Centre


07707604245 or


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